Last minute checks and good wishes

Passport check ✔️

Ticket check ✔️

Carry on check ✔️

Feeling like I am actually flying to Africa to volunteer for a month… Well we’ll keep working on that last part.

Checklists are nice, especially when you have a tendency to forget things as I do. As I’m on my way to the airport, I run through the list in my head trying to sooth away the nervousness of going to a new country on a new continent where I will be faced with new challenges.

For those of you just stumbling upon this blog, I am going to Malawi. A country in East Africa nicknamed “The warm heart of Africa” where I will be working with the Malawian Milk Producer’s Association (MMPA) for 4 weeks as a dairy lab consultant focusing on milk quality, and increasing gender equality and youth empowerment.

Follow me as I embark on this new experience.