First glimpse of Africa

I wake up from a too short nap 12 hours into the 14 hour flight from Toronto to Addis Ababa and there is light peeking through the cabin window. I look through and down at the landscape below and wow… I am actually flying over Africa.The landscape is dramatic. Rugged mountains and green valleys mingle with the morning light. I take a quick look at the headrest monitor and it tells me that we are passing through the Ahmer mountains in Ethiopia.

The land below is dotted with small communities and the hills are drapped in a patchwork of farm plots and greenery. When you’re so used to flying over the neat squares and straight lines of farms in Canada, the contrast could be quite jarring.

As the plane banks to makes its approach to Addis Ababa, I feel a swell of excitement for the first time since I started preparing for this trip at what I’m about to do and experience.

It finally feels real.

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